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MDK-ARM v4.60 版本中的新功能:


  • [ARM Compiler]
    • This version of MDK-ARM contains ARM Compiler 5.03 with improvements in loop and finite state machine code for Cortex-M3/4.
    • All compiler related files are located in ..\ARM\ARMCC\ directory
    • Details can be found in the Compiler specific Release Notes.
  • [μVision]
    • This MDK-ARM release is delivered with μVision V4.70.00 IDE.
    • New: Automatic Code Completion and Parameter Information.
    • New: Dynamic Syntax Checking.
    • Added: PA and PA Reset Performance Analyzer Commands in Command Window.
    • Refer to the Revision History for a more detailed list of changes.
  • [uVision Debugger]
    • New: Interface for Fast Models Debugger Driver. This driver allows debugging of applications simulated with Fast Models.
    • Upgraded: ULINK2 firmware to version 2.01.
      When using a ULINK2 debug unit with MDK-ARM 4.70, the ULINK2 firmware will automatically be updated to version 2.01. This version of the firmware allows ULINK2 to be used as a CMSIS-DAP compliant debug unit in addition to the traditional ULINK2 operation mode.
      A ULINK2 with upgraded firmware will not be detected by previous versions of MDK-ARM. To configure a ULINK2 for operation with previous versions of MDK-ARM, refer to the Configure Utility.
    • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 4.62.
  • [Middleware]
    • [ARM Middleware]
      • [FlashFS]
        • Added: Filename caching for FAT, which significantly reduces file access time. It can be enabled in File_Config.c configuration file under File System section, which offers setting for number of names to be cached and relocation of the name cache buffer.
      • [TCPnet]
        • Added: full support for TCP sliding window. The following algorithms are implemented: slow start, congestion avoidance, fast retransmit, fast recovery, RTT estimation, exponential backoff retry timeout and Karn's algorithm.
        • Added: option Receive Window Size in Net_Config.c configuration file.
      • [USB Device]
        • Library
          • New: CDC Abstract Control Model (ACM) API has been redesigned for simplicity and ease of use. The CDC ACM module has been rewritten for removing the fixed connection to the serial interface and now offers a more flexible approach. The necessity for polling in order to respond to asynchronous events has been removed.
          • Corrected: HID Class Descriptor position in Configuration Descriptor.
          • Added: Mass Storage Class response for ATA Pass-Through and Service In command.
        • Drivers
          • Updated: Drivers for ST STM32F10x_cl, STM32F2xx and STM32F4xx.
          • Updated: Driver for Infineon XMC4500.
        • Examples
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCBSTM32 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCBSTM32C evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32C\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCBSTM32F200 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32F200\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCBSTM32F400 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32F400\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCB1800 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB1800\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCB4300 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB4300\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Atmel SAM3U-EK evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Atmel\SAM3U-EK\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCB1700 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB1700\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: CDC_ACM example for Keil MCB2300 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB2300\RL\USB\Device.
          • Added: RTX examples for Keil MCB1800 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB1800\RL\USB\Device\RTX.
          • Added: RTX examples for Keil MCB4300 evaluation board in folder..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB4300\RL\USB\Device\RTX.
    • [Segger Graphic Library]
      • Unchanged: Segger emWin graphic library version 5.16d in folder..\ARM\Segger\emWin\.
  • [New Supported Devices]
    • Analog Devices
      ADuC7121 and ADuCM361.
    • Atmel
    • Cypress
      CY8C3866LTI-209, CY8C3866AXI-208, CY8C3866LTI-207, CY8C3866AXI-206,CY8C3865LTI-205,
      CY8C3865AXI-204, CY8C3666LTI-203, CY8C3666AXI-202, CY8C3666AXI-202,CY8C3666AXI-202, CY8C3666LTI-201,
      CY8C3666AXI-200, CY8C3665LTI-199, and CY8C3665AXI-198.
    • Freescale Semiconductor
      MK21FN1M0xxx10, MK21FX512xxx10, MK22FN1M0xxx10, and MK22FX512xxx10.
    • Fujitsu Semiconductor
      MB9AF111K, MB9AF112K, MB9AF154M, MB9AF154N, MB9AF154R,
      MB9AF155M, MB9AF155N, MB9AF155R, MB9AF156M, MB9AF156N, MB9AF156R, MB9AF311K,
      MB9AF312K, MB9AF341LA, MB9AF341MA, MB9AF341NA, MB9AF342LA, MB9AF342MA,MB9AF342NA,
      MB9AF344LA, MB9AF344MA, MB9AF344NA, MB9AFA31L, MB9AFA31M, MB9AFA31N,
      MB9BF121K, MB9BF121L, MB9BF121M, MB9BF122K, MB9BF122L, MB9BF122M,
      MB9BF124K, MB9BF124L, MB9BF124M, MB9BF321K, MB9BF321L, MB9BF321M,
      MB9BF322K, MB9BF322L, MB9BF322M, MB9BF324K, MB9BF324L, MB9BF324M,
      MB9BF521K, MB9BF521L, MB9BF521M, MB9BF522K, MB9BF522L, MB9BF522M,
      MB9BF524K, MB9BF524L, and MB9BF524M.
    • Infineon
      XMC1100-64, XMC1200-200, XMC1302-200, XMC4100-128, XMC4104-128, XMC4104-64,
      XMC4200-256, XMC4400-256, and XMC4402-256.
    • Microsemi
      A2F060M3E, M2S120, M2S080, M2S050, M2S005, M2S010, and M2S025.
    • Nuvoton
    • NXP (founded by Philips)
      LPC1101LVUK, LPC1102LVUK, LPC1104UK, LPC11A02UK, LPC11A04UK, LPC11E36/501,LPC11E37/501,
      LPC810M021, LPC811M001, and LPC812M101.
    • STMicroelectronics
      STM32F313CC, STM32F313RC, STM32F313VC, STM32F383CC, STM32F383RC,STM32F383VC,
      STM32F405OE, STM32F405OG, STM32F415OG, STM32F427IG, STM32F427II, STM32F427VG,
      STM32F427VI, STM32F427ZG, STM32F427ZI, STM32F437IG, STM32F437II, STM32F437VG,
      STM32F437VI, STM32F437ZG, and STM32F437ZI.
    • Texas Instruments
      LM4F210E5QR, LM4F210H5QR, LM4F211E5QR, LM4F211H5QR, LM4F212E5QC,
      LM4F212H5BB, LM4F212H5QC, LM4F212H5QD, LM4F232H5BB,
      TMS570LS0332, TMS570LS0432, TMS570LS1227,
    • WIZnet
  • [Device Support]
    • [CMSIS support]
      • Analog Devices
        • Added: support for ADuCM361 device, in folders ..\ARM\INC\ADI\ and..\ARM\Startup\ADI\.
      • Fujitsu
        • Added: support for MB9BF521L/522L/524L devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9B520M\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9B520M\.
        • Added: support for MB9BF521K/522K/524K devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9B520M\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9B520M\.
        • Added: support for MB9BF321L/322L/324L devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9B320M\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9B320M\.
        • Added: support for MB9BF321K/322K/324K devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9B320M\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9B320M\.
        • Added: support for MB9BF121K/122K/124K devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9B120M\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9B120M\.
        • Added: support for MB9AA30N device series, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9AA30N\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9AA30N\.
        • Added: support for MB9AB40NA device series, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9AB40NA\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9AB40NA\.
        • Added: support for MB9A110K device series, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9A110K\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9A110K\.
        • Added: support for MB9AF34x device series, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9A340NA\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9A340NA\.
        • Added: support for MB9AF150M/N/R device series, in folders..\ARM\INC\Fujitsu\MB9A150\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Fujitsu\MB9A150\.
      • Infineon
        • Added: support for XMC1100 based devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Infineon\XMC1100\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Infineon\XMC1100\.
        • Added: support for XMC1200 based devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Infineon\XMC1200\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Infineon\XMC1200\.
        • Added: support for XMC1300 based devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Infineon\XMC1300\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Infineon\XMC1300\.
        • Added: support for XMC4200 based devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\Infineon\XMC4200-4100\ and ..\ARM\Startup\Infineon\XMC4200-4100\.
      • STMicroelectronics
        • Added: support for STM32F427x & STM32F437x base devices, in folders..\ARM\INC\ST\STM32F4xx\ and ..\ARM\Startup\ST\STM32F4xx\.
    • [Flash programming]
      • Actel
        • Added: M2Sxxx_128.FLM, M2Sxxx_256.FLM, and M2Sxxx_512.FLM, flash programming algorithms for SmartFusion2 devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • Atmel
        • Added: ATSAM4L_128.FLM and ATSAM4L_256.FLM flash programming algorithms forATSAM4L devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
        • Added: ATSAM4SP_2048.FLM flash programming algorithms for SAM4SP devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • Fujitsu
        • Added: MB9A150_256.FLM, MB9A150_384.FLM, MB9A150_512.FLM, and MB9xFxxx_DualWflash32.FLM flash programming algorithms for MB9A150R devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
        • Added: MB9AB40_64.FLM, MB9AB40_128.FLM, and MB9AB40_256.FLM flash programming algorithms for MB9AF34x devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • Infineon
        • Added: XMC1100_64.FLM , XMC1200_200.FLM, and XMC1300_200.FLM flash programming algorithms for XMC1x00 based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
        • Added: XMC4200_4100_64.FLM, XMC4200_4100_128.FLM, XMC4200_4100_256.FLM, XMC4200_4100c_64.FLM, XMC4200_4100c_128.FLM, and XMC4200_4100c_256.FLM flash programming algorithms for XMC4200 and XMC4100 based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
        • Added: XMC4400_256.FLM and XMC4400c_256.FLM flash programming algorithms forXMC4400 based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • NXP (founded by Philips)
        • Added: LPC8xx_4.FLM , LPC8xx_8.FLM, and LPC8xx_16.FLM flash programming algorithms for LPC8xxx based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • STMicroelectronics
        • Added: STM32F4xx_2048.FLM flash programming algorithms for STM32Fxx based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
      • Texas Instruments
        • Added: TMS570LS_F021_256KB.FLM, TMS570LS_F021_384KB.FLM, and TMS570LS_F021_1_25MB.FLM flash programming algorithms for TMS570LSxx based devices in folder ..\ARM\FLASH\.
    • [Library support]
      • Texas Instruments
        • Updated: Luminary device header files and peripheral libaries in folders..\ARM\INC\Luminary\ and ..\ARM\RV31\LIB\Luminary\ to version 9453.
  • [Board Support]
    • Actel
      • Added: Blinky and RTC_Blinky examples for SF2-DEV-KIT development board, based onM2S050T device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Actel\SF2-DEV-KIT\.
    • Atmel
      • Added: Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for SAM4L-EK development board, based onSAM4LC4C device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Atmel\SAM4L-EK\.
      • Added: Blinky, RTX_Blinky, and LCD_Blinky examples for SAM4S-EK development board, based on SAM4S16C device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Atmel\SAM4S-EK\.
    • Embedded Artists
      • Added: Blinky, RTX_Blinky, and Blinky_MTB examples for LPCXpresso LPC800 development board, based on LPC812M101 device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Embedded Artists\LPCXpresso LPC800\.
    • Infineon
      • Added: Blinky and RTX_Blinky for XMC1200 Boot Kit board, based on XMC1200-200device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Infineon\XMC1200 Boot Kit\.
    • Keil
      • Added: Blinky and RTC_Blinky examples for MCB9AFB44N development board, based onMB9AFB44NA device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB9AFB44N\.
      • Added: Blinky and RTC_Blinky examples for MCB9AFA32N development board, based onMB9AFA32N device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB9AFA32N\.
    • STMicroelectronics
      • Added: Blinky, RTC_Blinky, and Blinky_ULp examples for STM32437I-EVAL development board, based on STM32F437II device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\ST\STM32437I-EVAL\.
      • Updated: startup und system files in Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for ST STM32F0-Discovery board, based on STM32F051R8 device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\ST\STM32F0-Discovery\, with version from ST STM32F0xx_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.0.0.
      • Updated: startup und system files in Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for ST STM320518-EVAL board, based on STM32F051R8 device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\ST\STM320518-EVAL\, with version from ST STM32F0xx_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.0.0.
      • Updated: startup und system files in Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for ST STM32L-Discovery board, based on STM32L152RB device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\ST\STM32L-Discovery\, with version from ST STM32L1xx_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.1.1.
      • Updated: startup und system files in Blinky, RTX_Blinky, and LCD_Blinky examples for ST STM32L152-EVAL board, based on STM32L152VB device, in folder..\ARM\Boards\ST\STM32L-Discovery\, with version from ST STM32L1xx_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.1.1.
    • Texas Instruments
      • Added: Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for TI EK_LM4F120XL development board, based on LM4F120H5QR device, in folder ..\ARM\Boards\Luminary\ek-lm4f120xl\.
    • YDC
      • Added: Blinky and RTX_Blinky examples for Toshiba EB_TMPM369FDFG development board, based on TMPM369FDFG device, in folder..\ARM\Boards\YDC\EB_TMPM369FDFG\.














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