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DS-5 v5.13更新的内容(内部版本1622 2012/12/14该版本为官方评估版本,可从ARM网站获得30天试用,并非DS-5破解版,拥有许可证的客户可以使用全部功能


DS-5 version 5.13 (build 1622 2012/12/14)

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

ARM Compiler

Updated to ARM Compiler 5.02ul for latest bug fixes

ARM Streamline

Capture & Analysis Options dialog allows configuring of ARM Energy Probe options

Hierarch of annotations in the form of groups and channels

Zoom performance in the Timeline view is improved

Includes gator_V12

DS-5 Debugger

define command can use the variable $argv to refer to all the arguments

New document command allows help to be attached to newly defined commands

Custom commands now auto-complete in the Commands view and display their help in a tooltip

Device support extended to include Boundary Devices SABRE Lite, Boundry Devices Nitrogen6x, HardKernel O-DROID Q, Phytec PhyCORE Vybrid, Samsung Exynos 4410, Samsung Exynos 4412 and Samsung Exynos 5250


New 4.10.0 version of firmware included


jython script jython_ttd to demonstrate decoding MMU translation tables

DS-5 version 5.12 (build 1571 2012/10/13)

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

Supported host platforms

Added Ubuntu Desktop Edition 12.04 LTS 32-bit and 64-bit

Separate installers are provided for 32-bit ( and 64-bit ( Linux. Note 32-bit compatibility libraries are still required on 64-bit hosts (see section Install on Linux)

ARM Compiler

Updated to ARM Compiler 5.02:

Support for Cortex-M0+

Performance improvements on CoreMark benchmark on Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors

Up to 40% performance improvements for 64-bit multiply operations on Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+, to accelerate DSP code

For further information on features and improvements see

ARM Streamline

Per-cluster viewing in the timeline (charts and x-ray mode) for big.LITTLE systems

National Instruments™ M Series DAQ for USB (USB-62xx) supported as external data source

Time filtering of analysis reports from the command line, enabling further automated testing use cases

DS-5 Debugger

Initial support for flash programming, provided by new debugger command flash load

Data trace support for Cortex-A8, Cortex-A5, Cortex-R4 and Cortex-R5

Instruction trace support for Cortex-R7

Support for DWARF4 debug information generated by gcc 4.5 releases

Device support extended to include Emtrion DIMM-EMEV2 and DIMM-MX53 boards

The debugger no longer configures vector catches by default on connecting. However, when using Eclipse for DS-5, user-defined vector catch configurations are remembered on a per debug configuration basis. Vector catch is especially useful in the early stages of a bare-metal project where, for example, interrupt handlers and memory protection are not yet written. For more details search for "Handling processor exceptions" in the DS-5 help.


A flash programming example has been added, comprising:

flash_algo-STM32F10x: flash algorithm targeted at STM32F10x family processor (as present on MCBSTM32E board), and

flash_blinky-MCBSTM32E: a blinky example payload targeted at MCBSTM32E board

Another Jython scripting example has been added, jython_infostate, to display the state (stack frame / execution context) of a bare-metal or Linux application. This illustrates the use of several Jython debug classes/services (such as getExecutionContext(), getProgramAddress(), getRegisterNames(), etc), and can be used as a starting point for your own debug scripts.

The Linux application examples (gnometris, threads, xaos, etc.) can now be built with either hard-float or soft-float libraries

As a consequence of moving from CodeSourcery gcc to Linaro gcc, the ability to build the Linux application examples with armcc has been removed from their makefiles

The following features are deprecated and may be removed in a future release:

Supported host platforms

Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 LTS


Linux application examples cpp, cpp_library, cppex, cppex_library and example_library are deprecated














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