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》RVDS 详细介绍》



该安装包含有 RVDS 4.1 Windows 和 Linux 安装包,在两个系统中都可以用来安装。

 ARM RVDS 4.1 工具链是一款用于开发软件的完整端到端解决方案,支持所有 ARM 处理器和 ARM CoreSight 调试技术。 通过这款功能完备的产品,开发人员可以进行 C/C++ 和汇编软件程序开发、优化和测试硅可用性、显著减少应用程序上市时间并确保软件质量等。





Below is a summary of what's new in RVDS v4.1. For a detailed description, see the RealView Development Suite Getting Started Guide and the RealView Debugger Essentials Guide.

RealView Debugger

·         Support for Cortex-R5, including multicore debug and trace.

·         Support for Cortex-A5, including multicore debug and trace.

·         Debug support for emulation/RTL simulation targets via VSTREAM

·         Debug support for TI OMAP4.

·         Debug support for Versatile Express Cortex-A9.

·         Automatic save and restore of breakpoints between debug sessions

·         Enhancements to the Debug Communications Channel Viewer (DCC)

·         OS awareness for ThreadX 5.x (further details below)

·         Low-level access to non-supported CoreSight devices. If your CoreSight system includes a CoreSight device which is not supported by RealView ICE, you can achieve low-level access using RVD.

o    Using RVConfig, add the device to your system configuration as a CoreSight "CSREG" device.

o    Configure the device's CoreSight Base Address appropriately.

o    Connect to the device in RVD.

o    Open the Registers view. The view contains a "Device" tab containing a generic set of CoreSight registers, and four tabs named "Raw0", "Raw1", "Raw2" and "Raw3". Each of these contains 256 32-bit read-write registers, defined within the 4KB memory space of the CoreSight device.

Please see the RVD Essentials Guide in the release documentation for a detailed description of the differences between RVD 4.1 and previous releases.

Real-Time System Models (RTSM)

RVDS 4.1 SP2 contains no new updates to the RSTM.

ARM Compiler

This release includes ARM Compiler version 4.1 build 713.

The following documents will assist with transitioning to the newer build:

·         DUI0529B, ARM Compiler toolchain Introducing the ARM Compiler toolchain  gives an overview of the ARM Compiler tools and libraries

·         DUI0530B, ARM Compiler toolchain Migration and Compatibility  provides information about migrating to ARM Compiler 4.1 from the following earlier toolchain releases:

o    RealView Compilation Tools 4.0

o    RealView Compilation Tools 3.1

o    RealView Compilation Tools 3.0

o    RealView Compilation Tools 2.2

Note: Newer patches to the ARM Compiler will be released asynchronous to RVDS releases. Please check for the latest updates at (registration required).

For a detailed list of changes between this compiler build and previous v4.1 builds, see the latest release note for ARM Compiler v4.1 located at

Mentor Graphics Nucleus Evaluation Package

The Mentor Graphics Nucleus evaluation package, together with the RealView Development Suite, allows you to explore the combined capability of Nucleus Software IP and the advanced RealView Debugger and Profiler. More details can be found in the document "Nucleus for RVDS4.1" accessible from Windows Start Menu shortcuts for RealView Development Suite 4.1, which will redirect you to the ARM website to download the latest version of the Mentor Graphics Nucleus evaluation package.

ThreadX Plugin

At the time of this release, the RVDS OS awareness plugin for ThreadX can be downloaded from the Express Logic site at If you find this link no longer functional, please contact














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