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MDK-ARM - Version 5.20

Release Date:08 Feb,2016

  • [ARM Compiler]
    This release includes two ARM Compiler Versions.
    • ARM Compiler 5.06u2: should be used for Cortex-M devices. Refer to Compiler Specific Release Notes for details.
    • ARM Compiler 6.4 (LLVM technology): should be used for ARMv8-M processors (currently not supported in MDK-Lite). The usage for Cortex-M devices is possible, however requires CMSIS Version 5 that is currently available as beta version. Refer to ARMCLANG Specific Release Notes for details.
  • [Software Packs included]
    • ARM - CMSIS 4.5.0 adds CMSIS-Driver CAN and corrects issues in CMSIS-RTOS RTX.
    • Keil - ARM Compiler Extensions 1.1.0 adds support for ARM Compiler 6 and ARMv8-M architecture.
    • Keil - MDK-ARM Professional Middleware 7.1.0 adds support for mbed TLS, HTTPS server, and several other improvements.

      Note: The API of the Network 7 component is not backwards compatible to Network version 6. When loading projects that use Network 6, uVision will report:

    • Error #540: 'Keil.MDK-Pro::Network:CORE:Release:6.5.0' component is not available for target ...

    There are two ways to resolve this issue:

    Several Device Family Packs (DFP) contain example projects for the Network 6 and Network 7 component. Examples specific to Network 7 are marked with IPv4/IPv6.

    • [Target debugging]
      • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 5.12e.
      • Added: debug support for the Texas Instruments XDS110 debug probe that is used on the TI MPS432 Launchpad.
      • Updated: P&E Micro driver for Freescale Kinetis devices to version
    • [uVision updated to V5.20.0.0]
    • [ARMv8-M Architecture support] (MDK-Professional Edition only)
      Software Development for the ARMv8-M Architecture is fully supported with:
      • ARM Compiler 6.4 (LLVM technology): that includes ARMv8-M Security Extensions for TrustZone.
      • Fixed Virtual Platform: with complete simulation model for ARMv8-M Baseline and ARMv8-M Mainline.
      • ARM - CMSIS 5.0.0: with support for ARMv8-M processor architecture. Currently available as beta version via PackInstaller or
      • Keil - V2M-MPS2_CMx_BSP 1.3.0: is the ARM V2M-MPS2 Board Support PACK for Cortex-M System Design Kit Devices and contains ARMv8-M with example projects. Available via PackInstaller or
    • [Supported Operating Systems]














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